There is a lot of talk about CBD on social media, the news, however, watch out for the comments that it will “cure” something. Rather, we feel using CBD is one piece to add to your lifestyle for whole body health.

No one wants to constantly feel their body aching, their mind stressed/depressed/anxious, feel they are overweight, and so on. It’s easy to rely on quick fixes (pills, medication, crash diets, etc.) to try to feel better. If you are not feeling well, your body is talking to you and it’s time to take inventory of how you are treating yourself.

Before I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, my body constantly told me something was not right. I could not digest certain foods, didn’t feel good after working out, became forgetful, had a lack of energy, etc. I should have listened to my body, because all these little “tells” became triggers to larger health issues.

Below are four beginning areas we should monitor daily with our bodies, as these are most common areas we overlook.

What am I eating?

Am I getting enough exercise?
Are we exercising too much, and adding more pressure on an already stressed system?
Are getting enough water daily!

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Lisa Baskfield is a Certified Pilates Instructor who has been dealing with a life altering illness Fibromyalgia, for over nine years.   Read her personal story.