Any athlete knows sleep is an essential component of performance. Getting the zzzs you need is a top priority, yet many struggle with it. One of the many benefits of CBD that’s being touted and increasingly researched is its ability to improve sleep. More and more athletes are turning to CBD as a natural way to help them get the rest they need. 

Below we take a look at how sleep impacts performance, why, and how CBD is fast becoming a popular choice among runners and athletes.

Sleep and Performance

In addition to physical training, any athlete knows that getting the proper amount of sleep is absolutely essential to perform at peak capacity. The quality, amount of sleep, and obtaining REM sleep, is necessary for the body to repair itself and perform its best. Getting ample sleep each night can positively impact you in many ways, including the following:

Make Decisions: Sleep helps quick decision making and alertness, both of which are key to athletic training and performance. When running, quick decisions might be which route to take, when to overtake someone, when to speed up or slow down, or needing to avoid something in your path (like a pothole or dog chasing you!). It’s key to be alert and responsive in a race.

Repair Body: Your body repairs itself while you sleep. For athletes this is an essential part of their training time, despite the fact it’s at night! While sleeping, you recoup and rejuvenate the muscles and areas being strained during your workout. Repairing these areas and your muscles requires restorative sleep.

Run Faster: A good night rest can actually help you to run faster! Proper rest facilitates faster reaction time and reflexes, along with increased levels of energy for long and fast runs.

Increase Intensity: Enough sleep increases and ups the intensity and energy placed into workouts, minimizing the risk of injury from improper form.

Improve Mental Strength: Sleeping improves your mood and increased alertness. Being well rested yields better “mental strength,” for better concentration and focus. This means more energy goes towards your run and leads to less distraction.

CBD + Sleep

Studies and personal accounts increasingly illustrate CBD’s potential and effective way to gain better sleep. Some speculate this is likely due CBD’s interaction with receptors in the brain, including the serotonin and GABA receptors impacting mood and anxiety. Relaxation leads to better quality sleep. Who can sleep when they are stressed???

Another correlation with runners and lack of sleep may be due to high cortisol levels in their body. If cortisol levels are consistently high, as in the case of athletes in training, it may disrupt sleep. CBD naturally lowers cortisol levels, thus restoring balance to the body and aiding in sleep.

Inhaling CBD is a great choice for runners looking to improve their sleep as it breaks the brain barrier the fastest. With your body naturally in a “wind down” phase at night, using the inhaler cartridge can help with your overall nighttime routine. What our customers like best about using CBD to help with sleep is it does not leave you with that groggy feeling in the morning, commonly associated with sleep aids. such as melatonin.

CBD is fast becoming a popular choice for runners due to its all natural plant-based properties. Be careful as all CBD is not the same and some CBD products are manufactured from a synthetic CBD imported from China. Natural plant based quality CBD continually shows a huge variety of other benefits to athletes and runners, including helping with pain and inflammation.

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