Nature’s Gem is proud to have sponsored three Nature’s Gem AMAZING athletes who competed in one of the most challenging Olympic Marathon Trials held in Atlanta on February 29. We watch our athletes compete live, cheered them on, had all their Nature’s Gem arsenal (Max oil, Max Balm) for them before and at the finish line. We could not be more proud of them for their dedication, motivation and inspiration to other runners, women and moms!


Anita Perez


Erica Kirkwood


Heather Olivia

“We are thrilled to support our Nature’s Gem athletes competing in the trials. In addition to training, these women are also mothers and hold full-time jobs. They are an inspiration to all of us here at Nature’s Gem and we’re beyond excited for them.

Being an elite athlete requires dedication, determination, mental and physical strength. Along their training and race journey, athletes encounter financial, physical as well as mental hurdles. This is why we take a personal approach with our athletes to develop a plan with them and their coaches using our products to acheive results” said Lisa Baskfield, Nature’s Gem CEO and Founders.

In order to qualify for the race, women must run have a marathon time of 2:45 or less or a half marathon of 1:13 or less. Men must qualify with 2:19 or faster or a half marathon in 1:04 or faster. The race will determine three men and three women who will run the marathon for the United States at the Olympic games in Japan.

According to USA Track & Field lists, 511 women and 260 men have qualified, a total of 771.