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What mom/runner at some point does not experience inflammation and/or pain and anxiety? Any of these seem to occur at least once if not several times during training or just living life in general.


I recently worked with Dimity and one of our elite athletes, Elena Oslund, addressing anxiety. The first thing I did was have a conversation with each of them to find out what’s going on in their life causing anxiety. Dimity has kids, busy work schedule and is training.  Elena is a teacher who was laid off due to the pandemic, an elite athlete that struggles with anxiety while training and lives in San Antonio dealing with the after effect of the cold including burst pipes, no water, etc.


This is life and I explained to each of them how CBD can help reduce anxiety, but it’s one tool in the tool box. Making time for yourself, finding other outlets such as Pilates, Yoga, Meditation, or shipping your family off to bora bora, you need to incorporate other solutions to help reduce your stress. CBD is a one piece of the whole. 

Both Dimity and Elena use our max oil and gummies, and so, both of those are 25% off with no coupon code.


Looking for a topical? Our face lotion is on sale too. No coupon code required. We are seeing a lot of people in our Longboat Key store with skin conditions (sunburns, dryness, etc.) 


Have questions about CBD? Read our advice column Ask The CBD Expert Series with AMR, here.

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Need Help? Check out our CBD Shopping Guide to learn which product is right for you!

Adding CBD to your regime will help with faster recovery, enhanced training and race day performance.

To learn what products are right for you, click the CBD shopping guide!

CBD Shopping Guide

Which Product Is Right For You Guide

Balms and Lotions

Topicals provide fast relief after your run and race by penetrating deep into the skin and muscle. We offer several different types of topicals for pain relief. The difference is in the blend of essential oils and CBD strength. For extra relief, don’t forget to add our 1 oz. magnesium oil pump. Add one pump of magnesium oil together with your balms or lotion application then apply to skin for fastest relief.


Max Pain Relief Balm – Our strongest balm with 1000 mg of CBD.


Rejuvenating Pain Relief Balm – Reenergize tired and fatigued muscles with this 250 mg CBD Balm.


Calming Pain Relief Balm– Calm tight muscles and relax spasms. Blended with 250 mg CBD and lavender to also help with sleep.


Pain Relief Soothing Lotion – Similar to the balm, but in a lotion. Not as greasy as the balm. Contains 250 mg CBD, good for those suffering from arthritis and sore feet.


Face Lotion – Weather conditions associated with running outdoors can leave the face red from sun and wind, dry, or oily depending on the season. Our face lotion naturally regenerates skin cells, helps fine lines, soothes discomfort, redness, and restores moisture and balance. It’s the only lotion Miss San Antonio Elena Oslund will use, who by the way is also a runner!

Ingestibles – Gummies and Oil

Ingesting CBD, especially under the tongue, is one the fastest way to provide relief to your body after running. Many runners use the oil and gummies before running to help keep inflammation and anxiety down and follow up with another dose after their run, depending on how their body is feeling.

Taking CBD internally works by binding CBD to receptors located in our brain, spinal column, immune tissues and peripheral organs. Because we have so many receptors it is why CBD is effective for helping anxiety, pain, inflammation, IBS, menstrual cramps, just to name a few areas.

It can be confusing determining what strength to try. That’s where we are here to help with our guide below.


Gummies are great tasting and 25 mg per gummy, making them 2-3 times stronger than most gummies on the market. We found that anything less than that strength wasn’t very effective, since the CBD has to metabolize through the liver. People love our gummies for sleep, anxiety, pain and inflammation. Gummies are easy to travel with, which is why many people choose to use both gummies and oil.


Regular Strength Oil (Pink Label)- 500 mg CBD

This is a good strength for people who are trying CBD oil for the first time. If you are sensitive to medications, you will want to start with this this strength. Will help with inflammation and pain, anxiety and sleep.


Extra Strength Oil (Blue Label) – 1250 mg CBD

More than double the strength of the regular oil. We recommend this for runners struggling with an injury, inflammation, higher than average anxiety, and sleep issues.


Max Strength Oil (Black Label) – 2000 mg CBD

We call this the holy grail of oils. If you have an ongoing injury such as knee or hip pain, suffer from chronic pain or illness, struggle with feet issues such as plantar fasciitis, have anxiety levels off the chart and ongoing sleep issues, the grail will not fail.

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