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If you’re searching for premium THC (Δ9 & Δ8)and CBD products that will meet your needs and exceed your expectations, look no further. Our store carries only high quality products and are sure to provide you with the the desired results you’re seeking.

Whether you prefer edibles, topicals, liquids, drink mixes, inhaling, we have a wide variety of options to choose from.

Visit our store on Longboat Key find the perfect product for your needs.

About Us

Our store opened in 2019 as a pop up store to educate visitors and residents about CBD/THC and provide high quality products. Over 5 years later, we still here and the store people trust for products. 

Known for our excellent customer service and knowledge, we have earned our customers trust by ensuring you’re getting lab tested, high-quality, and safe products. 

A Glance at Products In Store

We carry 3 CHI and Pure Spectrum Products. Please note, we carry other items in the store not listed below. Please contact us if you are looking for something specific.

Indica delta 9 gummies longboat key

THC Gummies

Strengths range from low to very strong THC for desired effect.


Colorado grown, Pure Spectrum is used throughout professional sports, and is the CBD of choice for the Kansas city Royals, elite cyclists and athletes.

Topical Balm

We shine when it comes to quality topical balms to keep the islanders moving and excelling in their sport/activity. Guaranteed to have a positive effect with 1000 mg CBD plus arnica and other essential oils.

THC Free Gummies

The benefit of THC free gummies is it achieves results without the "high" feeling. Can be used day or night and will clear any drug test. A clean source of CBD that packs results.

THC Drink enhancers

We brought this in for 2024 season and it quickly became our top seller. Packed with Delta 9 and in a variety of flavors, these drink enhancers are perfect for on the beach, travel, and a substitute for alcohol Mix with water and away you go!

Pet Tinctures

Did you know that pets should NOT be given anything with THC? It is not safe for their system and harm them. This is why we carry only lab tested, high quality CBD only pet tincture. Rest assured, we have the best interest of your pet in mind with the products in our store.

Topical Lotion

We began carrying this in 2024 as another topical minus the greasy feeling associated with topical balms. A top seller that can be taken anywhere in the heat without the risk of melting, which is important to our active island community!

Drink Shots with THC

Another rising star for fast and effective results are these THC drink shots. We carry several strengths to meet your needs. Easy and discreet for on the go, at the beach and perfect at the end of the day and before bed.

Trusted & Tested for Purity

Exceptional Customer Service

Variety of Products. No Medical Card Needed for THC products

Located on Longboat Key

Client Testimonials

"I couldn’t be happier with the products from Natures Gem. I have been trusting their products for years to help my 94 year old mother stay pain free so she can stay independent in her own home. Working closely with Lisa to better understand the products has been so helpful as well. Now I have other family members using the oils and they couldn’t be happier!"
LuAnn Myles
"Lisa provided a wealth of info and the recommended products were very helpful. A great place to visit, whether online or in person. Good health to all. Keep up the great work Natures Gem."
C. Miller
"Great customer service. I bought online as a gift and they kindly hand wrote my note on a cute card and sent it for me. Not to mention their products work! Great for pain relief. Thank you Lisa and team!"
Katie Kramer