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About Natures’ Gem & Longboat Key THC

When you read my health journey and story, please know CBD is one tool in my tool box. I watch my diet, exercise, and manage my stress level along with laughing and smiling!

I’ve learned on my journey the importance of being my own health advocate. This included listening to my body, finding professionals who listened to me, and fighting through those rough and dark days. Thanks to everyone who supported me during my own journey. Now it’s my time to pay it forward and help others.
Lisa Baskfield – Founder

My Story

Living with chronic pain stinks. I have Fibromyalgia, which can feel overwhelming, lonely, and frustrating, as with anything chronic. We may put on a face and look fine on the outside, but it’s a different story on the inside. We are not OK. After years of struggling with my health and Fibro, I realized that what was prescribed was merely masking my Fibromyalgia symptoms. I felt hopeless and lost until I took control of my health and wellness journey. This included learning and reading countless books and articles, meeting with people, and listening to podcasts. Today, I can manage my symptoms  – most of the time.  

As you read my story,  it is important to note that CBD is NOT a cure for anything and won’t cure my Fibromyalgia. Instead it’s one piece I incorporate into my whole body health and wellness regime to help with my symptoms. 

I still have my good and not so good days. However, I now listen to my body and make decisions suitable for me in order and my body. I share my story to help others in similar situations. 

The Whole Story

Life Before Fibromyalgia

Before my illness, I was loving life! I led an active and athletic lifestyle (my passions were running marathons, triathlons, mountain biking, and golfing), I loved working out and getting the endorphins going, was a single mom with an awesome daughter, had my own CPA firm, volunteered in my community, presented programs to soldiers before and after deployment, a national and local leader, and a spokesperson in my profession. In early 2009 that all began changing…

My Fibromyalgia Symptoms

I was having excruciating pain that could not be explained by an injury or treated with over-the-counter medicines. I started journaling what was going on with my body as my health rapidly deteriorated. I’d get up in the morning, then my day was done one hour later. I couldn’t sleep, had no energy, dropped to 115 lbs (I’m 5.8″), was in pain constantly, lost my balance, and became depressed. My body was shutting down on me. I spent over a year sick on the sofa. I lost “me” – body, mind and soul. After extensive testing at the Mayo Clinic, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia and Life Changes 

Reinventing and creating “Lisa – version 2.0.”

Due to my deteriorating health, I had to sell my company, give up my career, and change my lifestyle and diet. I was prescribed medications as my symptoms were so severe. Although the medications helped me somewhat to manage my fibromyalgia symptoms, the side effects were unpleasant. I knew they were merely masking my symptoms for me to function at a limited capacity. However, I didn’t want them in my system and was concerned about long-term effects. Over the years, I learned to accept having Fibromyalgia. I didn’t like it, but I realized it wasn’t going away. I had to accept new life changes and started creating a new me. I call myself “Lisa –  version 2.0”.

Starting CBD

In 2017, while training to become a pilates instructor, my master instructors, Connie and Carly Borho, mentioned CBD as a resource to help my symptoms. With the help of my daughter, who worked as a researcher at the National Institute of Health, I began reading NIH research articles to learn and understand what CBD was, how it worked in the body, and if there were potential interactions with my medication. After hundreds of hours of researching, I tried CBD oil under my tongue. I kept a journal noting my CBD doses and the effects on my body and health. I honestly thought it wouldn’t work and waited for the other shoe to drop, and I was wrong.

For me, CBD became something I chose to incorporate into my daily wellness plan. However, one issue was essential to address – I needed it consistently sourced and formula – otherwise, I knew my Fibro would start to stress my system again. As an entrepreneur, I decided to create Nature’s Gem CBD and be a trusted source and advisor for others.

Our Educational Approach and Philosophy

When I started my CBD journey, it was confusing and scary. Store employees know little to nothing about CBD products, how much to take, or what dose to begin with. After I figured it out for my body, I didn’t want others to have the same experience I did.

We take a proactive approach to talking with people via email, text, phone, at events, in our store, and through our site. We speak at business events and expos and have been on podcasts.

We’ve spoken to and educated thousands of people in person; we sponsor several elite athletes and significant events. 

Trusting Nature’s Gem CBD

Knowing who to trust in this CBD industry is the top concern for our customers. In my career as a CPA, I was a trusted advisor to my clients, and that was always the #1 priority for me. At Nature’s Gem CBD, whether in our store or online, these same values are supported and adhered to through our culture, careful research, analysis, support team, and controls. We are passionate about the perks CBD offers our bodies and want our customers to enhance their health and wellness benefits through our products and education.

Why Choose Us

Quality Assured

We have consistently sourced CBD, and now THC products, with only certain manufacturers that meet our guideline in excellence. This is why we only carry few lines. We vet manufacturers stringently for the benefit of not only myself (I do use the products too) but for our customers. I also watch our manufacturer business model, product changes, ingredients, and their testing to make sure consistency in quality.


The products we sell are selected based on research, testing, how they perform for my own my body and mind to help manage  my Fibromyalgia, along with what I encounter with customers and their needs on Longboat Key. The products we sell I feel are products that meet our customers needs to help in their own journey of life’s challenges and aging bodies! 

My body is hyper-sensitive and aging and I think it’s important for customers to know I use or have used some form of all products we sell. I do change products around for my body because after all, our bodies change daily. What worked one day may not work another day given my Fibromyalgia, so – I mix it up!