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CBD Topicals For Children

Did you know that anxiety and depression in children under 18 has continually increased over the years?

According the the CDC:

More and more parents are seeking alternative solutions beyond medication. A safe approach for helping your child naturally and organically is using CBD topicals. Below are ways to use topical CBD safely for several health issues that arise in children.

1. Topical Balm for Stress, Anxiety, Hyperactivity, Lack of Focus

For stress, hyperactivity, lack of focus or anxiety during the day (or night), massage the calming balm along the sides of the spinal column. The spinal column has nerves that are along the side of it, and they send signals throughout the body and brain. Lightly massaging the spinal column can help calm the nerves, central nervous system, and the body.

2. Using Balm For Allergies

Lightly apply the calming balm to the temples and sinus pressure points on the face. Make sure to avoid the sensitive skin under the eye and eyelid. When applying the balm, massage a little amount in circular motions, the gently apply pressure for 30 seconds. This should feel REALLY good and will help with congestion and inflammation.

3. Topical Calming Balm for Sleep

Before bedtime, apply the calming balm to the wrists, behind the armpit (not on or in), along the sides of the spine, and on the bottom of feet. Gently massage for 1-2 minutes. The added massage helps calm the system, blend in the balm for better absorption and relaxes your child.

4. CBD Balm For Tension and Headaches

Lightly apply any of our topicals to temples, behind the ears and the jaw line. Often children clench their jaw causing additional tension in the face. Massaging the balm into the jaw gently, and apply light pressure in the areas that are very tight for 1-2 minutes. This will help reduce facial tension that can contribute to headaches.  If clenching teeth and tight jaw is ongoing, consider purchasing a mouth guard as an added tool to reduce tightness.